Monday, January 31, 2011

No-Valleys Colors

The start of a 10 piece series which represents the archived ritual vests of No-Valleys inhabitants. Screen Printed denim vest pattern on paper, cut-out, and assembled.  Original drawings collaged and drawn directly onto the surface. Inkjet on rice paper linings unique to each vest. 
These are life size and wearable.

Light it You Scum (Front)

Light it You Scum (Interior)

 Light it You Scum (Back)

Nervous-Breakdown (Front)

Nervous-Breakdown (Back)

Waste-Voids, Cowichan (Front)

Waste-Voids, Cowichan (Back)

Coming into Life

This is a 3D paper piece in progress that will become the complete head of the Red-Masked character who appears in all the drawings in my last post. 100% paper construction, updates to come as he nears completion.

Ways to Pass the Time

Redbird has one of my works from last summer for sale as part of 
the Works on Paper III show, cheap! Online here:

A few newer 2D  works.  

Circle-Pit (22x22 Collaged Ink on Paper and Rice Paper)

The Orchard  (22x22 Collaged Ink on Paper and Rice Paper)

Coffin-Party (22x16 Collaged Ink on Paper and Rice Paper)